Cleaning Routine

Today I’m sharing a simple ritual for resetting and cleansing your home, that you can use to begin a new year, season or even a new week. This is all about honoring your relationship with your home as you prepare for a fresh start or new beginning. Sign up for our 5-day decluttering challenge this […]

Reset Your Home | Cleaning Routine for New Beginnings

Home Tour Update 2019

Today’s video was brought to you by popular demand! It’s an update of my New York City (Brooklyn, to be specific) home tour, sharing everything that’s happened here over the last year. I view home decor and design as a constantly flowing process. Our homes should grow and evolve with us over time! And like […]

2019 (Updated!) Home Tour, Plus Tips for an Evolving Home

Relaxing Home Decor

People always comment on how relaxing my home feels, so I thought I’d break down a few tips that you can bring into your own homes to create a cozy, relaxing vibe. In addition to the tips in the video, I think so much of it is about creating a home that reflects YOU – […]

Relaxing Home Tips

Dishware Haul

OK, guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared some home content… and I know this one was at the top of your list. Today I’m sharing all of my dishes and serveware with you, along with a few everyday table-setting tips at the end. Creating an artful table is one of my favorite parts […]

Dishware Haul

I, too, caught the Marie Kondo bug and have now applied it to my kitchen! I finally went through and got rid of everything that did not “spark joy” (per her KonMari method) – things that were old or expired or that I just knew I wasn’t going to use. Then, I started organizing things […]

15 Kitchen Organization Ideas

Sarah Ashley - Salt House Home Tour

It’s finally here! Come take a peek into my two-story Brooklyn loft. We live in a rental apartment so this home tour is packed with decorating ideas for a rental and unique ways to personalize your space. My last apartment was featured all over the internet so I am excited to fully debut my new home, where […]

My NYC Apartment Tour

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a perfect way to personalize your home, especially if you live in a rental. The idea is simply to hang a collection of art, photographs, and other decorative objects together in a beautiful, artistic way.  When we moved into our apartment in Brooklyn, I knew I wanted to display art on […]

5 Simple Steps To Create A Gallery Wall

DIY Faux Marble Countertops with Contact Paper

If you don’t love your kitchen counters, but either live in a rental or aren’t currently able to do a serious renovation, then you’re going to love this DIY. When I moved into my apartment, I was not feeling the countertops. Thanks goodness for Dani, our resident DIY expert, who came up with the brilliant […]

DIY Faux Marble Countertops with Contact Paper

How to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets with Wallpaper

 If you live in a rental, or perhaps just don’t have the budget or time to engage in a full-on remodel, you can still transform the look of your kitchen with the help of adhesive paper! When I moved into my current apartment in Brooklyn, the kitchen felt a little dark for my taste due […]

How to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets with Wallpaper

Kitchen Altar | Kitchen Decor Ideas

My kitchen is my happy place. Even though we are renters in NYC and thus I didn’t get to personally design my own kitchen, I found that by adding my own little touches I was able to turn this space into a place that inspires me and makes me want to spend time in it. […]

Turning Your Kitchen into a Sanctuary