Renee Phillips, Creative Interview Series

In this new series, our mission is to show the world the many facets of creativity. We will interview people from all walks of life, including those who make a living through their creative pursuits as well as those who explore creative passions outside of work. Our goal is to share the benefits of creativity […]

Creativity, Unplugged: Renee Phillips, Fine Artist

Home Tour Update 2019

Today’s video was brought to you by popular demand! It’s an update of my New York City (Brooklyn, to be specific) home tour, sharing everything that’s happened here over the last year. I view home decor and design as a constantly flowing process. Our homes should grow and evolve with us over time! And like […]

2019 (Updated!) Home Tour, Plus Tips for an Evolving Home

24k Golden Turmeric Latte Recipe

This is my official drink as part of my creativity ritual for the fall. I just love the vibrant, golden color and the warming fall flavors. You can learn more about what a creativity ritual is and how to design your own here in this post. For now, you can just think of it like […]

Golden Turmeric Latte Recipe

Pumpkin-Olive Oil Bread

I love to make this special twist on pumpkin bread to commemorate the start of the fall season. It always puts me in that cozy, autumnal mood! This is not your standard pumpkin bread. I love it because it’s a little more savory than typical, thanks to the olive oil – and it’s on the […]

Pumpkin-Olive Oil Bread

Design Your Own Creativity Ritual for Fall

At the beginning of each season, I like to design a new creativity ritual for myself. The purpose is two-fold: One is to plan out my season, including what I want to do creatively as well as my own personal development goals, and the other piece of this is that I’m designing a ritual that […]

Design Your Own Fall Creativity Ritual (+ printable guide)

One thing I’ve learned about creativity is that rest is one of the most important pieces of the process –– honestly, if not the most important. When you’re constantly going, it can be so easy to get stuck in the hamster wheel, and that is definitely how I was feeling. I’ve taken the past couple […]

Making Space To Just Be

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Hello world!

What I Eat In A Day - Healthy Salmon

Because I used to cook for a living and love to go all out when I’m entertaining or cooking for others, people are always curious to know how I eat in a typical day. The truth is, when I’m just cooking for myself, I keep things super simple! I’m a person of moderation so I […]

What I Eat In A Day (Busy/Clean Edition)

Relaxing Home Decor

People always comment on how relaxing my home feels, so I thought I’d break down a few tips that you can bring into your own homes to create a cozy, relaxing vibe. In addition to the tips in the video, I think so much of it is about creating a home that reflects YOU – […]

Relaxing Home Tips

Dishware Haul

OK, guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared some home content… and I know this one was at the top of your list. Today I’m sharing all of my dishes and serveware with you, along with a few everyday table-setting tips at the end. Creating an artful table is one of my favorite parts […]

Dishware Haul