Cleaning Routine

Today I’m sharing a simple ritual for resetting and cleansing your home, that you can use to begin a new year, season or even a new week. This is all about honoring your relationship with your home as you prepare for a fresh start or new beginning. Sign up for our 5-day decluttering challenge this […]

Reset Your Home | Cleaning Routine for New Beginnings

Now that 2020 has officially begun, it’s the perfect time to creatively plan your winter season. Even though the winter solstice happens in December, I like to do this after January has kicked off so that I can spend December and the earliest days in January working through my year-end reflections and thinking about 2020 […]

Crafting Your Winter Intentions

Gemstones Meanings & Symbolism

People often consider the meaning of crystals but I feel like the gems in our everyday jewelry get overlooked. Like crystals, they contain the very same magic and meaning. When my friend Vanessa Lianne and I decided to collaborate on a ring to represent the Inner Muse (!), I knew I wanted to also create […]

The Magic Meaning of Gemstones | What Your Jewelry Means

Jewelry Studio Tour

Have you ever wondered how jewelry is made? Or perhaps how a jewelry business gets started? In this week’s video, I visit the jewelry studio of my good friend Vanessa Lianne to learn the story behind her insanely gorgeous and meaningful fine jewelry line. We also make a very special announcement about our recent collaboration […]

Studio Tour | Starting A Jewelry Line

Harvest Dinner Party | Mulled Wine

When it comes to hosting in the cooler months, there’s just nothing like serving mulled wine. I love that it’s so welcoming – it instantly makes people feel cared for and cozy. It’s also incredibly easy to make! You basically just throw everything into a pot… seriously, that’s it. But that’s not to say that isn’t […]

Mulled Wine: The Coziest Fall & Winter Cocktail

Fall Dinner Party Tips

Fall is the season for gatherings — whether it be with family, old friends, or new friends — it is a time for connecting and creating life-long memories with your loved ones. However, hosting your first (or 50th) gathering can be overwhelming and sometimes life just gets in the way. But, we shouldn’t let it! […]

Fall Dinner Party Tips

Fall Favorites

Fall is a time to turn inward – it’s a season to let go of what we no longer need so that we can bring in more of what inspires us and makes us feel whole. It’s a perfect time of year to luxuriate in a moment of self-care by surrounding ourselves with items that […]

Self-Care Finds & Favorite Things for Fall

Muse Journal Practice

People ask me this question all the time: How do I stay inspired? You know, especially on those days where you just can’t seem to motivate yourself. How do you stay creative? The answer is this: My #MuseJournal. This is essentially a notebook of pure inspiration. You can think of it like a mix between […]

Get Inspired: Discover the #MuseJournal Practice

DIY Tie-Dye Tissue Paper

I am so excited to bring you all another amazing art project led by my good friend, mentor, and fine artist Renee Phillips! In this week’s video, we are embracing the everlasting trend of tie-dye with some DIY colorful tie-dye tissue paper. I love this project because it is so fun and freeing to create. […]

DIY Tie-Dye Tissue Paper

Mixed Media Tips for Beginners

I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you! I am lucky to call Renee Phillips a friend and mentor, and in this week’s video we are sharing tips for creating mixed media, using the same technique Renee taught me in the beginning of my own painting journey! In the video, we share more […]

New to Painting? Mixed Media Tips for Beginners