who we are


We exist to empower creativity as a means of connection to the human spirit.

origin story

Salt House was founded in 2014 by Sarah Ashley Spiegel (née Schiear) on a mission to inspire our next generation to find happiness and healing through cooking and hosting. Salt House's first product was a line of modern, figure-flattering aprons, designed to empower and inspire women in the kitchen and home. Sarah's love of hosting extended to a passion for home decor, believing our homes to be the ultimate canvas for self-expression – our own sacred spaces, providing gratification and renewal on a daily basis.

Sarah's creative journey continued when she picked up a paintbrush for the first time and discovered the freedom and joy of abstract painting. This moment solidified Salt House's place in the world as one that celebrated creativity and self-expression as a whole, not limited to any one pursuit. At Salt House, we believe that creativity is a spiritual act, one that is inextricably linked to mindfulness and necessary for self-connection. It is a vital piece of what it means to be human. Our deepest hope is that we can be a part of your journey in coming home to yourself.

salt house was named for our founder's love of salt as one of OUR EARTH'S most vital AND magical ingredients, essential for cooking and prized for its healing powers.




We offer a curated range of products to enhance the creative and spiritual journey, including our namesake aprons (perfect for cooking and creating art), Inner Muse™ merch, smudge kits, and our recent collaboration with fine jeweler Vanessa Lianne, the Sunrise Ring.

classes + workshops

Attend one of our creative classes and workshops from the comfort of your own home. We have classes ranging from mixed media painting and color mixing to hosting the ultimate heart-centered gathering. 


Join our thriving community of creative, heart-centered humans – a free, private group on Facebook. For a deeper community experience, check out Inner Muse™, our signature subscription-based membership. Inner Muse members enjoy access to our entire portal of digital classes and workshops, with the addition of new offerings monthly.

Meet Sarah Ashley

founder story

My life wasn't always what you see now, reflected back to you on this glowing screen. I grew up in a home fraught with addiction. My mother was an alcoholic who left before I knew how to walk, and my father struggled with alcoholism and opioid addiction throughout his life before he passed away in 2018 due to cancer. 

I tell you this not to be heavy, but so that you understand the mission of Salt House at its core. I tell you this because I know you've been through some stuff, too. And no matter who you are and where you've come from, I want you to know that you, too, are a creative being capable of anything.

Growing up, I struggled with a desire to fit in, to be like the other kids. Whether you grew up in a family like mine or not, all of us share in this experience of wanting to be liked and accepted. 


Over the course of our lives, we make choices and travel down certain paths because we think it's the right thing to do. We chase society's ideals of what success looks like; we learn to seek approval from others. At school we're taught that failure is the enemy, so perhaps we stop trying new things. We begin to lose our connection to our own inner wisdom and desires. We go to school, we get the good job, start the family, buy the house. We follow the instructions like good boys and girls... And so we may find ourselves wondering: Why are we left with this feeling that something is missing?

Let's first imagine ourselves as children again, the sense of freedom, how we moved through the world with pure curiosity and delight. Our imaginations our most powerful allies, we colored outside the lines, dreamed up fantastical worlds and creatures without an ounce of awareness for what others might think.


In these days before the existence of fear, self-doubt, and shame, we acted purely in search of joy; we knew no other way. 

Salt House exists as a platform and community to help you rediscover this sense of freedom and confidence. To empower the artist inside of you. Because it's an ugly fallacy that we must be gifted painters or musicians to call ourselves artists. As humans, it is in our DNA to create. And I believe that when we leave this vital part of ourselves to atrophy, we disconnect from our human spirit – often leading to feelings of emptiness or lack of fulfillment.

In this way, creativity is a spiritual act, one that will bring you closer to God, a greater power, love, source, the universe – whatever you like to call it. That's what creativity ultimately offers: The return home to yourself.

Welcome back.